From a Grain of Sand to a Beautiful Pearl

Open An Oyster, LLC was founded in 2016 by Brittany Sparacio a creative visionary that took a childhood experience and brought that excitement to reality. In December 2016, Pam Hodgson helped to expand that vision. We are excited about the future of the OaO family, and we hope to have you along with us during this amazing journey.

Our oysters are Japanese Akoya Oysters that contain genuine cultured pearls. The pearls inside are real pearls. We have natural occurring pearls and some of which have been treated to enhance their color, luster and quality. OAO was meant to be a business where strangers could gather for some exciting entertainment, but it turned into a very close knit family where we support one another, share life stories and have TONS of fun opening oysters and discovering the beauties inside! We are so thankful for everyone who has supported us from day one and we will continue to provide you with the BEST quality products! Now, let’s get to shucking!