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Timeless beauty

Suitable for wearing at both formal and informal events, the simple elegance of pearls offers a subtle, yet stunning addition to almost any style. Let Open an Oyster help you start or enhance your collection.

Find something uniquely yours...

Whether shopping for yourself, or for someone else, rest assured that each pearl from Open an Oyster will have its own, unique color and size characteristics.

Discovered before your eyes...

At Open an Oyster, each customer has the opportunity to randomly select their oyster and immediately view their new pearls via live webcast. Our Live Parties are held multiple times a week. Come join us. Click the product below to order now.

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Oyster Tray

Have more fun at our Live Parties by having a Tray of oysters.

A tray of oysters consists of 5 oysters guaranteed to have a pearl inside.  When you purchase a tray you receive a 10% discount from the individual Party Oyster price. 

Parties sell out very quickly so order your tray today.

Double Dolphin Pendant (SS)

Come With Our Standard 18” Stainless Steel Chain

Holds one pearl

*Pearls not included